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Jason Jackson

Award-winning personal trainer, MSc-level sport nutritionist, accredited strength and conditioning coach, public speaker and scholar.

Jason’s career began at the end of 2008 when he joined an experienced personal training team at a Virgin Active health club in Northwest London. His colleagues had already spent many years establishing themselves, so it soon became apparent that Jason would need to do something special to set himself apart from his teammates. Jason decided the key to success would be education; he would become smarter than the competition. A natural, Jason hit the ground running, excuse the pun, breaking a series of club records before being promoted to become the club’s first Elite Personal Trainer.

In 2012 Jason became an accredited strength and conditioning coach, giving him the necessary credentials to work with professional athletes. He spent a pre-season at Brentford Football Club designing strength programs to improve the players’ kicking power, acceleration and agility.

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With his accumulating success, Jason was promoted once again, this time to Personal Training Manager. Jason’s team became the most successful in the region, delivering thousands of sessions to end that year as the only club to maintain a flawless track record of hitting targets.

But the further Jason progressed in management the more he missed his true passion: one-to-one personal training. Jason found working with individual clients infinitely more rewarding, so in 2013 made an easy decision to return to personal training full-time. Jason transferred to Broadgate to become the club’s first Master Trainer – and launch the premium level of training.

Considered an authority, Jason was asked to go to clubs throughout London to assess, interview and coach other Master Trainer candidates keen to follow in his footsteps.

Jason set out to prove that not only had he learned the science of strength development through expert program design but he was also able to put those skills into practice. So, in 2015 Jason successfully qualified for the national GB Powerlifting Federation championship.

By now Jason was regarded as the number one personal trainer at Virgin Active UK. Before he left the company, he was named PT of the Year out of over 1,000 trainers nationwide.

Jason parted ways with Virgin Active in 2016 to join a boutique personal training studio in Liverpool Street so he could focus on his research. But despite having left Virgin Active, Jason was regularly asked to deliver seminars to their personal training teams on training and nutrition at clubs such as Broadgate, Bank, Barbican and Angel.

Master of Science

In 2017 Jason became a Master of Science (MSc) in sport and exercise nutrition. Jason completed his Masters at Middlesex University and Allianz Park, home of European and Premiership winners the Saracens. For his dissertation, Jason spent two-years conducting a systematic review of over 100 studies into testosterone. In addition to the well-documented physical effects on muscle mass and body fat, Jason also studied testosterone’s significant influence on cognitive performance.

Jason then integrated his findings into a unified strategy to reverse the age-related decline in testosterone. By the end of the study, testosterone levels had increased by 48.5% in Jason’s participants. The impressive results demonstrated that testosterone can be profoundly augmented through nutrition, supplementation and resistance training.

In 2018 Jason returned to Virgin Active to become the highest level personal trainer in the history of the company. One of Jason’s first tasks as Icon Personal Trainer was to design Virgin Active’s nutrition strategy for their Body Transformation package.

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