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Jason Jackson MSc - Personal Trainer

Jason has over 15 years of industry experience. Jason walks a fine line between being a personal trainer and sports nutritionist: delivering performance nutrition and behaviour change seminars in London, Amsterdam and Dubai, leading the personal training product at Virgin Active and still finding time to prepare for his upcoming PhD in behavioural economics.

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Personal Training

£90 per session

Do you want to take your training to the next level? You can be coached by Virgin Active’s number one trainer. Make your health, wellbeing, and performance a priority. Your future self will thank you.

Book a 30 min complimentary consultation with Jason

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Background Details

Icon Trainer - Virgin Active

December 2008 - Present

- First Elite trainer at Cricklewood (2009)
- First Master trainer at Broadgate (2013)
- PT of the Year out of 1,100 personal trainers across 123 clubs (2015)
- First and only ICON PT in the company (2018)

Director of Nutrition - ACA

January 2019 - Present

- Produce evidence-based CPD for personal trainers
- Deliver lectures on fat loss, body composition and behaviour change at St Mary's and Glasgow Caledonian Universities
- Review the latest nutrition studies, summarise their relevance to different populations and outline how the science should be applied in practice

Advisory Board Member & Shareholder - LVL Wellbeing

- Strategise the long-term to the well-being proposition

- Provide expertise and insight

- Enhance the effectiveness of the senior management team

September 2021 - Present


Third Space City

London EC3R 7AT

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Penelope / Head Coach (Bank Club)

"I invited Jason to Virgin Active Bank to present a seminar. Jason didn’t spend long on the basics as he knew my team had years of experience, instead Jason delivered an in-depth talk. I wanted to provide my personal trainers with new information, considering the industry is changing so rapidly. Incredibly professional, Jason offers outstanding service and has the most current knowledge."


Head Coach (Bank Branch)

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