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If you haven’t reached your goal weight or hit a new PB on your own, personal training is the way forward. You can be coached by Virgin Active’s number one trainer. Make your health, wellbeing, and performance a priority. Your future self will thank you.



Nutrition Coaching

This online subscription will include a monthly training plan and personalised macros based on your current body composition.

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Exercise Coaching

On a budget? Make your weekly personal training sessions the keystone of your training plan. Improve your lifting technique and fine-tune your nutrition

Choose your pricing plan

  • Nutrition Coaching

    Valid for 3 months
    • Online subscription
    • monthly training plan
    • Nutritional advice
  • Exercise Coaching

    • Weekly Personal Training sessions
    • Training Plan
    • Lifting Technique
    • Fine-tune Nurtition
  • Nutrition & Exercise

    • Frequent exposure to expert coaching
    • Lifting Technique
    • Nutritional advice
    • Exponential gains

Your Goals (just a form field)

Fill in this form and then we can discuss what may be the correct plan for you

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About Jason

Jason was head-hunted to join Virgin Active’s flagship health club in Liverpool Street to launch the Master Trainer product – the premium level of personal training. Before parting ways with Virgin Active after seven successful years, Jason was named personal trainer of the year out of over a thousand personal trainers nationwide, from Liverpool Street to Leeds. Jason combines almost a decade of the in-the-trenches personal training experience with advanced academia in the fields of sport nutrition and endocrinology. Jason is also an accredited strength and conditioning coach and has worked with professional athletes alongside his current roster of personal training clients.

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